One Point Perspective, Curves, and 2D Animation, and an Endlessly Repeating Cycle


Syllabus and Assignments


Projects 1 and 2–Photographically Replicating Old Master Painting, Project 1 was expected to do one in color, and one in black and white, and Project 2 was to give the composition a contemporary twist.

Project 3-Pointillist Portrait

Project 4–Black and White Collage with One Color

Project 5–Black and White Videos

Project 6–Three More Videos, in Series

Project 7–Videos, Telling a Story through Close-ups

Project 8–Participate in 48 Hour Film Project, or shoot 3 Typographic Videos

Project 9–Music Pictograms

Project 10–Typography with Chinese Characters

Project 11–Bilingual Movie Poster


The Noun Project

Victor Hertz’s Music Pictograms

50 Design Blogs

10 Web Design Blogs also