Project 5 One Color Linear Narrative

This video is about:

1.  Before-During-After

2.  Closeups

3.  Change in Emotion

4.  One Saturated Color

Assignment Sheet


But don’t forget the basics: use your tripod, and shoot where there’s lots of light.


Historical and Cultural Use of Color–Homework 1–“The Girl With the Pearl Earring”

Please watch the movie “The Girl With the Pearl Earring”, a movie about Vermeer, and about his famous painting by the same name.  Type a one page response paper to what you think about the movie, any aspect of the movie at all.  Just your thoughts, feelings, and analysis.  Please make a separate blog entry on your color theory blog with a copy of your paper on it.

Created c. 1665-1667, Johannes Vermeer.  Today this painting can be seen in The Mauritshuis gallery in The Hague, The Netherlands.  Note the overall complementary color scheme.

Please notice the CAMERA OBSCURA that he buys in the film, and shows to Scarlett–  This invention changed painting all over Europe.

Project Eight: Stop Motion, Split Complementaries

Project 8 Assignment Sheet

Examples of Stop Motion:

There are alot more out there, just search “stop motion” on youtube or vimeo–

Examples of Split Complementary Color Schemes: