Garbage Into Art

Artists to Look at:

Leo Sewell

Joshua Allen Harris

Theo Jansen

OMG I just realized that Theo Jansen has mini prefab sculptures for purchase.  Getting them now!

Pam Longobardi

Paprika Design Studio

Beer Bottle Christmas Tree

Folkert de Jong

Phil Hall etc.

Kalamazoo Michigan Earth Day

Floating Crocodile + others

Enrica Borghi

Floating Sculpture

Bart Vargas

Phil Allard

Student Blogs

Section A Monday-Wednesday

Section B–Sunday Tuesday

Computer Animation II Project 4 Modeling a Human Head

Project 4 Handout Sheet

This assignment shows a more advanced style of polygonal modeling of complex, organic shapes, including a working mouth with lips, teeth, tongue, and realistic nose, ears, and eyes.  Upon completion of this assignment, students are skilled and confident in more advanced polygonal modeling, and ready to work on their own designs.